Our Partners

We work with a growing number of corporate partners, providing legal services to their customers. Our unique ability to generate leads, convert them into business and deliver the legal work means that we can offer a completion solution to these organisations and their customers. Furthermore, we can offer our service on an own-brand basis, with the partner’s values reflected in the products and processes we design

Estate agents, funeral directors, IFAs, mortgage brokers and other intermediaries

Many organisations will have customers who need legal products such as conveyancing, wills or probate alongside the core service they offer. Our experience in conversion and legal service delivery allows us to design an optimal consumer journey, whereby the customer receives a seamless service at a more competitive fee, and the partner sees faster transactions, better visibility of the legal work and an enhanced referral income stream.

Retailers, finance and insurance companies, membership organisations and media groups

Affinity organisations can use our expertise in leadgen, conversion and legal service delivery to leverage their brands across their customer base by adding legal services to their suite of products. Their customers receive a consistent consumer journey and value-for-money legal services, while the affinity partner generates new income streams with limited resource.

The Connect2Law Difference for Partners