Additional Conveyancing Services

Below is a list of additional conveyancing services which a small number of clients may need when buying, selling or remortgaging a property. Most transactions will go through without these, but should we become aware during the course of your transaction that such a service is needed, we will communicate this with you. Please note that such services stand outside the no-move-no-fee policy.

Service / Legal issueLegal Fee (ex VAT)Description
Bankruptcy or land charge entry £ 150Where an entry appears on the search result, such entry shall need to be investigated and appropriate action taken to satisfy the Lender and/or clear the entry
Buy to Let Mortgage £ 100Legal costs involved in acting for a Lender as well as the purchaser on a Buy to Let purchase transaction
Companies House Registrations£ 150Administrative fee for the application for registering ownership in favour of a Company and any borrowing by it
Concessionary purchase£ 100Reporting to the Lender, obtaining any relevant indemnities and preparing Statutory Declarations
Corresponding with third party lawyers (e.g. for divorce)£ 200Additional work involved in liaising with a third party lawyer (i.e. not a direct seller/buyer to the property in question - e.g. a divorce or probate matter)
Dealing with a lender's requirements on a 3rd party gift£ 100Additional work involved satisfying the Lender as to the nature of the gift and ensuring compliance with the terms of the offer
Deed of Covenant£ 100Drafting and/or approving the Deed of Covenant as required by the terms of the Lease
Deed of Easement (to grant rights)£ 250Reviewing and approving the appropriate deed where the owner is required to grant rights (e.g. a right of way) over their land
Deed of Gift £ 150Where one party wishes to formally document their intention to gift an asset (usually property) to the other party
Deed of Postponement£ 400Drafting any Deed as required by the First Lender where a second lender is also to be registered on the title
Deed of Trust £ 200Where joint purchasers require a declaration setting out their respective interests in the purchased property (not a simple 50/50 split)
Deed of Variation £ 350Negotiating and approving a variation to a Lease where the existing terms are obsolete, incorrect or particularly onerous (to include additional registration tasks)
Discharge of secondary charges£ 30Additional work involved in obtaining redemption statements and other requirements to fully repay and remove any secondary charges (£30 per charge)
Early file closure (where not covered by 'no move no fee')£ 240Administrative fee for costs incurred in file opening stage and initial correspondence with third party (seller/buyer solicitors)
Exclusivity or Lock-out Agreement £ 300Negotiating and approving the agreement, which commits the parties to the transaction prior to exchange of contracts
Expedited exchange/completion process£ 175Additional work required to facilitate a seller or buyer request for a completion date of less than 5 working days from exchange of contracts
General Power of Attorney £ 200Drafting the appropriate Deed where the client requires a third party to act on their behalf
Help to Buy ISA£ 50Administering drawdown on Help to Buy ISA
ID/AML check where client is abroad£ 250Administrative costs of obtaining and reviewing additional identification
Insurance indemnity policies£ 95Additional costs involved in obtaining quotations for policies appropriate to the circumstances and arranging such policy
Key access undertaking£ 150Negotiating and approving undertakings regarding access to the property prior to completion for renovation or other purposes
Leasehold with Share of Freehold - incorporated£ 150Making an application for a new Share Certificate in the buyer's name and lodging with the Freehold company
Leasehold with Share of Freehold - unincorporated£ 50Drafting the Transfer deed and liaising with the co-freeholders (third party) to obtain their signatures to such deed, to include additional registration formalities (£50 per co-freeholder)
License to Assign £ 200Drafting and/or approving the Deed - the Lease terms shall dictate whether this is required (it is formal approval from Landlord for the seller to sell to the buyer)
Management enquiries on a freehold property£ 100Administrative and legal costs involved in liaising with a managing agent in relation to a freehold property (usually relating to communal areas on a development)
Merger of titles £ 250Preparing and submitting the complex application to HM Land Registry to have multiple titles merged into one legal title where beneficial to the purchaser
Multiple bank transfer fees£ 30Administrative fee for handling multiple bank transfers, e.g. where sale funds distributed to multiple owners (£30 per transfer)
Multiple titles - complex £ 450Reviewing additional titles where property for sale is registered under more than one title, eg a garage or stables, or other titles affect the property in question
Multiple titles - simple£ 150Reviewing additional titles where property for sale is registered under more than one title, eg a garage or stables, or other titles affect the property in question
Occupiers consent form / HMO£ 100Administrative work involved in seeking an adult occupier's consent (where they are not a purchaser) and reporting to the Lender as they may require
Planning and building regulations approval documents£ 75Additional work involved in obtaining the documents from the Local Authority and checking the same
Receipt of requested funds in multiple transfers£ 100Administrative costs handling multiple payments (3 or more) relating to one requested balance (i.e. where the completion balance in requested but multiple payments are sent to make up this one amount)
Registration of unregistered property£ 200Where client wishes to register their own, unregistered title (as distinct from a registration of a post-completion purchase)
Removal of a registered Caution£ 150Liaising with appropriate third parties to obtain removal of a Caution from the title register
Restriction on title£ 150Additional legal work involved in identifying the nature of the restriction and the subsequent administrative costs of complying with the same (not chargeable for tenants in common or leasehold notices)
Retentions£ 250Negotiating the value and length of time applicable to a retention, in regards to services charges issued after completion but relating to the seller's period of ownership
Right to Buy £ 75Additional work in liaising with Council (Notices, Agreement) for Right To Buy purchase
Second managing agent / lease£ 100Administrative and legal costs involved in liaising with a second managing agent, establishing their requirements and complying with them
Special Conditions for the contract £ 150Where the transaction requires renegotiation of, or additions to, the Special Conditions contained within the Contract
Special conditions on mortgage offer £ 150Advising the purchaser of any special requirements relating to the mortgage and reporting to the Lender
Statutory declaration, for Title rectification£ 175Drafting the document required to evidence the amendment to be made to the title, as required by HM Land Registry (£165 per Statutory Declaration)
Unregistered property/land£ 250Additional work involved in deducing title (reviewing and collating all available title deeds and documents)